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 White Dove Healing Arts, Ltd. is the industry leader in the education, training and distribution of Dr. Recommends Complex Homeopathy since 1990. With thousands of successfully trained practitioners over the past two decades, we are fully committed to the success of our clients. We encourage you to read on and learn more about the art of modern, complex, Nelsonian homeopathy.

We look forward to serving you and your clients with the best quality and service.

The Significance of Homeopathy 

There is a growing consensus in the world that the massive expenditures on medical research have failed to demonstrate any significant improvement in society's level of health. The incidence of major chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease has continued to climb and medical costs have soared beyond the means of the average person. More and more, doctors and lay people alike are searching for alternatives.    

Homeopathy offers a time-tested method which satisfies the need for a more economical and non-toxic therapy. It encompasses all areas of medical care - prevention, emergency and acute care, and chronic disease treatment. Homeopathy offers the individual and society improved health, productivity, and enjoyment of life.

Free Report - What Is Homeopathy?  

In this special report, Quantum Master William J. Cunningham explains the history and origins of classical  homeopathy as outlined by  German physician Samuel Hahnemann in his "Essay on New Curative Principle" in 1796. The report also reveals some surprising facts on the efficacy of homeopathy vs. conventional medicine during the cholera and yellow fever epidemics of the 1800's, and why homeopathy is now once again regaining its proper place given the skyrocketing cost of conventional health care.

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William Cunningham to be a featured speaker at The Congress of Quantum Masters 2011

 April 9 - 15, 2011 Hola Grand Faro Hotel, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico 

Mr. Cunningham's Topic: Your SCIO/INDIGO Test Kit

This lecture is primarily based on the Tri-Vector Signature Concepts and the Laws of Reactivity and Resonance which will be woven into the lecture to give Congress 10 attendees an appreciation for their SCIO/INDIGO, and an enhanced understanding of what they are able to do in regards to stress detection and stress management for themselves, families and clients.


Congress Registration is officially open and you can enjoy the trip of a lifetime! This is your opportunity to earn 32 CEUs and rub shoulders with some of the great practitioners in the Biofeedback Wellness field. Register Now! 

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Bill and Patricia Cunningham

Bill and Patricia Cunningham

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  Health News - Guest Editor

"Following are comments by William James "Bill" Cunningham on two recent articles on Homeopathy. Bill is a NTCB Board Certified Homeo-Therapeutic Coach, Biofeedback Specialist and Biofeedback Instructor."

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Prof. Luc Montagnier and Brian Josephson PhD., both Nobel Prize winners, take homeopathy seriously.

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2011 Compendium of Energetic Medicine Articles now available - Apply toward CEUs for HTC certification renewal.

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"Biofeedback Sees Boom In Mainstream Medicine"

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